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The story of Kireina Haruno (Sakura's twin sister story)

The story of Kireina Haruno (Sakura's twin sister story)

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Arrow Anime Flash By arrowandanimelover69 Updated Jan 03

Kireina Haruno is Sakura's younger twin sister. She's kind hearted and loves her sister. She befriends Naruto and is put in team 7. What happens if a certain member starts to fall for her? Will she love him back or will she fall for the jinjuriki of the desert? 

Sasuke x oc x Gaara fanfiction.

......*rubs my eyes* did i read that right? Shikamura and Sasukd fanboys......
MirraShards MirraShards Dec 09, 2016
W.   T.    F
                              First of all no
                              The Haruno's weren't recognized until Sakura trained under Tsunade, second the Haruno's don't have a Kekkei Genkai, 3rd i can already tell shes going to fall inlove with the uchiha, plus her hair is the same color as Sakuras'  hair so yeah
gillian703 gillian703 Jan 06
She said BUT them but she didn't mention choji witch means...😳wtf choji is a fanboy
ShadowZzY ShadowZzY Jan 28
                              sry I'm not hating I'm just frustrated 
                              There's no
                              No 100% no way
                              You can make your oc powerful than sasuke
                              Or a chuunin
Is this Original? I've never read anything like this!! 💜💜it was fabulous!!
Damn -- that's big-- well compared to mine which is muy pequeña