Blood and Roses {Book 2} [ON HOLD]

Blood and Roses {Book 2} [ON HOLD]

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~previously Angel_In_Your_Eyes~ By chey_mp3 Updated Oct 09, 2016

Semara Sayama has left Cross Academy. For good. 

Or so she thought. 

When Mara has strange visions, she is forced to return to Cross Academy. Shizuka Hio's death had changed something in Mara. She wasn't quite sure what it was. 

When Semara returns, she realizes things have gotten worse than she thought. Along with trying to figure out Yuki's involvement in the future, Mara has conflicts of her own. 

New people bring new problems, and old enemies return from Mara's past. Mara will have to face her greatest fear in order to protect her loved ones.

mexicotexas mexicotexas Aug 03, 2016
pwease update sun fur meh? pwetty pweaseeeeeeeeee?     ;3; 
MonkiMonki MonkiMonki Jun 01, 2016's good and it's really kind of cute when Hana and Mara hugged🙊
                              Great work for the first Chapter of the your eriting, please continue❤😊
Maliha88 Maliha88 Jun 01, 2016
I am really excited. I really love your writing 😙 😙 😙 😙 😙 😙 😙 😙 😙 😙 😙 😙 😙 😙 😙 😙
RubyShinesLikeFire RubyShinesLikeFire Aug 06, 2016
Hi, I love your books and the last book you said if u wanted to add an OC to this book we could comment 
                              I do not know if I should comment here or write to you.
FuvkingKillMe FuvkingKillMe Jun 15, 2016
I must admit yo transitioned from book to book flawlessly. I absolutely love both this and the previous book, an I'm low key shipping her with Shiki 👀 please update soon, I'm obsessed.
Cheshire5440 Cheshire5440 Jul 10, 2016
This story is awesome! <3 I love the idea of her and Shiki! They would make such a cute couple! <3 amazing work!