The Boy Down the Street // Blake Gray

The Boy Down the Street // Blake Gray

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Meet Stephanie "Steph" Lake. She's your normal Canadian teenage girl. She plays AAA hockey, plays the bass guitar and draws race cars in her spare time. She loves watching musical.lys that make her cringe and stalking wanna be fuck boys Instagram pages and a guilty pleasure, because she thinks it's funny. 

Meet Blake Gray. He's a famous fuck boy on social media and is apart of the elite group of "social media super stars" known as MagCon. His musical.lys are super cringe worthy and his Instagram captions make you want to gag. 

When Donald Trump becomes president of the USA Blake's family decide to move to Canada so Justin Trudaddy, I mean Trudeau can be their supreme leader. 

 Stephanie learns of new neighbours moving on her street and decides to be a nice little child and buy the new neighbours some flowers. But then she learns who her new neighbours really are...

Love the story so far, I think you should add a newcharachter named isabelle ,izzy for short, with brown, long curly hair and brown eyes and is dating one of blakes friends and is friends with her, also she is kinda nerd😊
I actually like Donald Trump, but I like this story so imma keep reading...
I would definitely move to Canada if trump becomes president
rc293029 rc293029 Aug 24
This is everything I look for in a fanfic I'm canadien and I LOVE playing hockey it's life and I LOVE Blake
ChloeOffic ChloeOffic Aug 28
I am laughing so hard and i just read the first chapter 😂