Punishment  (Draco x reader)

Punishment (Draco x reader)

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Harry Potter By dracoxreader Updated Nov 22

After getting cocky about gryffindor winning the matches over slytherin. You decide to tease the slytherins. One certain slytherin is amused by your mockery and decides to put you down on a bet. You agreeing to the bet. Putting all your hope into the gryffindor winner Harry Potter. When Harry reaches out to grab the winning snitch. Draco snatches it seconds before potter. Making you gasp loudly. 
What was the bet you made? Getting a spanking from Draco malfoy in front of all the slytherins.  What happens when you find yourself actually enjoying it? Read to find out ;)

WARNING:  swearing/cussing/cursing
WARNING: smut/sex/ BDMS 

Credit- got some ideas from other fanfictions

Note- I do not own Harry Potter! All goes to the original author

Cookieraven Cookieraven Oct 27
Umm I'm with all of the other comments before me that are saying that they're Slytherin... including the potato girl...I'm both Slytherin and a potato. Plytherin...or Slotato...which ever is the most appealing
silence12321 silence12321 2 days ago
Im messaging my MALE friend while reading this and he doesnt know im reading this. My friends think im innocent
tay_taylor69 tay_taylor69 7 days ago
Carly: Get your panties off the stairs 
                              Sam: I hate that word 
                              Spencer: well too bad. Stairs, stairs, stairs
                              Carly: She meant panties
I'm not human so I don't know if I'm a virgin or a monkey no difference
Dear self,
                              If you ever fall in love with a slytherin, the poison is in the cabinet on the right
                              Lovingly supportive towards you,
AshleyArden AshleyArden Nov 28
I'm imagining Tom Felton reading this and turning redder than the Weasleys' hair TBH.