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A Changeling and a Liar

A Changeling and a Liar

1.5K Reads 45 Votes 6 Part Story
K.V.Wolf By KVWolf Updated Jun 03, 2012

(THIS STORY IS UNDER SERIOUS EDITING. ITS BEEN FOUR YEARS SINCE LAST UPDATED AND I'M REVIEWING GRAMMAR AND SPELLING BEFORE ADDING) Faye's life is something she wishes she could escape. She lives with her step parents, and with the arrival of her new step brother, it only makes her realize how much more different she is from her only family. 
With that and the fear of her hallucinations getting increasingly more vivid, she takes refuge in the old music shop down town, owned by a strange old man who teaches her to play the lyre. 
But even the shop is jeopardized when a suspicious young man shows up one night, and Faye's worst fears come to life when she realizes he is one of her hallucinations, and he seems all to interested in her. 
So which is it, is she really insane? Or is there a bigger, darker picture she has failed to see?

Emeryn Emeryn Nov 24, 2011
You described it well. :) I would suggest some sentence variation/ vary sentence structures a bit. Other than that, I think you wrote this well and I really as on really like your characters thus far. :)
summergirl21 summergirl21 Nov 24, 2011
Good!  picks up more on the anxiety.  It makes you confused about what she 'sees' to where you want to keep reading
KVWolf KVWolf Dec 15, 2010
@Canderous1kal1sharpe I know, it has a lot of room for improvement. 
                              It gets better by the third chapter, I hope you stick around to read it! I appreciate the feed back, thank you.
Canderous1kal1sharpe Canderous1kal1sharpe Dec 15, 2010
It is great so far, but you could use a little more detail in describing some of the characters.
Mojoe-jojo Mojoe-jojo Dec 13, 2010
Toast, I give you one suggestion: write more, like now. Before I march my butt across town and make you. :) 
                              You were right, I love it to pieces.