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The Darkness of Kuoh Academy

The Darkness of Kuoh Academy

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Ash_The_Reaper By Ash_The_Reaper Updated Feb 14

A new sacred gear, a eternal fight. The new host is going to have to not only get used to his life as the host to the Darkness but being surrounded by Devils as well, the only question is though: can he survive this place? 
Highschool DxD fanfic, fist fanfic so no flames mix with some darkness game elements so a bit of crossover. Cover art is not mine credit to owner

An anti form Sora fan-art for something unrelated to kingdom hearts. I'm Intrigued.
Arboreta-Inc Arboreta-Inc May 31, 2016
lets it be just Koneko pls, but this looks extremely interesting. I'm now sad since it trumps mine tenfold :( pls make more
CountOrlock777 CountOrlock777 Nov 07, 2016
You do know that game was based of a comic book series. Right?
Ash_The_Reaper Ash_The_Reaper Nov 07, 2016
Ya I know, sadly the only reference for The Darkness was off the games because I have not read the comic save for little pictures here and there. I do wish to read them though