Naruto Of The Akatsuki

Naruto Of The Akatsuki

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Jonathan Ivan Garcia By Jonathan_garciaFT Updated Jul 20

In the valley of death, Naruto and Sasuke duel it out. Naruto manages to beat Sasuke and keep his promise to Sakura. But when Sakura see's how Naruto brought back Sasuke, she says some hurtful words that break him down. Later he is banished from the village for hurting their precious Uchiha. But Ino leaves with him With nowhere to go, they come across Itachi and are recruited to join the Akatsuki, They join the Akatsuki and they both have a new dream for the future "To Destroy Konoha" and make the village suffer. 

This is a Naruxino fanfic with maybe some Naruxsaku and I was thinking about adding Konan as well
*BE WARNED There may be some Sexual scenes or lemon's* 

I don't own Naruto all rights to the creator of Naruto, but I do own the plot of the story

Trust me I'm trying too, its just a lot of stuff is happening and well I don't get enough time. I promise I'll update as soon as possible