₩ Philophobia ₩ D.h.

₩ Philophobia ₩ D.h.

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wolf_quinten By wolf_quinten Updated Jul 13, 2017

In which a girl has a fear of falling in love or feeling love after the fact that she was pregnant with Derek Hale's child and he never wanted the child.

Julianne McCall was sixteen when she found out she was carrying a baby. Her life was amazing till she found out.

 Derek was 18. He didn't want the child he made.

So when Julie comes back to Beacon Hills after 6 years of college, she finds that Derek has been back into Beacon Hills.

Will she let him back into her life and her child's life? Will he want to be a father?

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Lxnxi__ Lxnxi__ Jun 07, 2017
I.V's are there to keep you hydrated. An epidural helps with the pain
TheOneYouCallQueen TheOneYouCallQueen Nov 12, 2017
Fight me Derek come on big bad wolf don’t be a pūssy ☹️😡🤬🤬🤬
Bro I’m imagining young Tyler Posey, like maid in Manhattan young, and it’s so adorable
ride_or_die_remember ride_or_die_remember Jul 01, 2016
This story has me hooked already.  This is a wonderful start to the book, I'm so excited
Soul2015 Soul2015 May 30, 2016
derek will be suprised to see his son again after all the years he wasnt there would be my guess @wolf_quinten
-livefortomorrow- -livefortomorrow- May 30, 2016
Julie and Noah should be grocery shopping, Noah decides to run away from Julie, Noah runs into Derek, and Derek helps get Noah back to Julie. Julie freaks out and takes Noah and all but flies out of the store leaving her food and Derek behind.