Death Note One Shots

Death Note One Shots

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Rhi-Chan By LivingLikeKillers Updated Aug 03

One shots for the cast of death note!

DISCLAIMER: I do not own death note, death note characters or the original plot of death note. 

This book includes:
- L
- Light
- Misa (coming soon)
- Near
- Matt
- Mello
- Matsuda
- Mikami
- Ryuk
- Rem (coming soon)

OC's, ships, yaoi ships, AU!'s, song shots and much more ahead!

~ some sad, some heated, some fluffy, some romantic, some cringe worthy, some heartbreaking, but all guaranteed to satisfy your fangirls needs!~

Hay...? Can I request a Rem x reader... I kinda hate light for causing his death... so... please?
Can I request a N x Reader, please? About loving someone who clearly doesn't care about you? :)
AMS477 AMS477 Sep 11
I put it on the last chapter, but I'll put it here, too, but with a little more detail. Can you please do Misa x Reader where Misa is attached to Light but Reader-chan has a crush on her???
CryPanda_ CryPanda_ Sep 26
Can I request a Near X Reader, starting with happy moments but ends ever so bitterly? ^w^
OtakuGirlyy OtakuGirlyy Jul 05
I would like to request an L x Keitaro, please? If you need details I'll happily give them to you later!
Can I request a L x reader one shot regarding L's death please???