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i'm sure your heart is warmer than everybody says. 


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97MINN 97MINN Oct 02
Your words are sweet but your eyes are poison
                              Your hands are warm but your body is dead
                              You are so bitter and for me it's so sweet
                              Cause your poison addicted me
97MINN 97MINN Oct 02
You breathe.
                              I stay.
                              You blink.
                              I breathe.
                              You stay.
                              I blink.
                              You stare at nothing 
                              But I only see you
I came here to have a good time and I honestly feel so attacked rn.
EmpCore EmpCore Jul 22
well damn knowing yoongi might have really been like that ,lonely, hurts a lot 😞
I'm sobbing while reading this and watching Dream Daddy play throughs
yoonjesus yoonjesus Oct 14
                              that person is a poetic hoe that I'm judging for being emo even though I wish I was them