Boss Lady

Boss Lady

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Leslie-Ann By DaniDiNardo Updated Dec 11, 2011

Head strong, independent and fierce, Myra Alexander isn't afraid to tackle the cut throat world of the business tycoons. Right after her father died she took over his law firm and it has cost her her family because she couldn't choose which was more important. She is determined to move through life in the same head strong way, not needing anyone.

Max Cahil is the businessman who changes all that with his fix it attitude and arrogant disposition he's your average bachelor who doesn't take no for an answer. He doesn't see the cover that she puts up but rather the timid little girl in need of supportive love and he intends to give that to her whether she wants it or not.

What happens when these two stubborn pigs are forced into a business agreement with late night meetings and early morning conferences?

  • abandoned
  • affair
  • anger
  • arrogant
  • bachelor
  • bad
  • bar
  • boss
  • broken
  • busy
  • cheater
  • company
  • confrontation
  • desperate
  • destroyed
  • divorce
  • drunk
  • dunce
  • famous
  • fight
  • flirt
  • girl
  • help
  • home
  • hurt
  • innocent
  • lady
  • lawyer
  • lie
  • little
  • love
  • mean
  • mislead
  • mistake
  • mistress
  • proffesional
  • rage
  • revenge
  • sales
  • story
  • tramp
  • vengence