Crystal Clear

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Rosie By Aries2 Updated 5 years ago
Callie Henderson is a twenty-six year old girl who dreams of meeting the perfect guy and falling in love. Then she hears Joshua Callahan's sexy voice on the radio and sets out to convince him that they are soulmates, much to the disgust of her best friend Ryan.
hahaha i like the start of this story. It sounds like a teenager just met the man of her dreams. I really enjoyed this first chapter, well written and well plotted. nice work!
This is really good... just thought I'd return the favor... and now I have a new book to read =))  
                                    Voted as well!!!
I really love your character, she's witty and not afraid of her weight. :-)
Wow...i think this is my last comment lol every time I suggest something...the next chapter has it. LOVING IT!!!