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Anna Santos By AnnaSantosAuthor Updated Oct 11

There are three things I know for a fact:
- I'm dead.
- Angels exist.
- I'm becoming one, just not the fluffy and harmless type. 
                                                     *  *  *

Kaleb discovers he's dead. 
But instead of Heaven, he ends up in Limbo. Though, he's not even sure if Heaven exists. One thing he's sure, angels are real! He was saved by one. A pretty, black-haired, angel girl with an attitude who wants everything but to be stuck with him. And that's what she gets in return of saving his life. Kaleb is her new partner. He'll be an angel, but he needs someone to train him and prevent him from getting killed before graduating and winning his shining new pair of wings. 

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Oh! This story really sounds cool. I love angels and it's interesting to see a story with a male leading guy. The angel girl is so sarcastic! I love it!
Humm.a new kind of angel story for me to read. Begin with an interesting chapter!
ahha Wind is great! Caine sounds interesting and Kaleb has a really cool personality!
Of course we do! How it can be otherwise?  It's great story!
I can't wait for the next update! I'm eager to download the new app. I'm android!
So let me get this straight: you've published the first chapter here and the rest is going to be published on Radish app? So if I wan't to read your story here I won't be able to due to being on Radish instead of here?