(Book Four) Brave {CLP SERIES}

(Book Four) Brave {CLP SERIES}

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"I woke up in a ball of my own sweat, and I could feel pain coming from somewhere, but I couldn't identify exactly where. I looked down at my wrist and realised the pain was coming from my lightning bolt scar I've had since I was a baby." 

Dark times lie ahead for Harry and Christella Potter, except, they don't know that. After a major scare at the Quiddich World Cup, Christella is on the lookout for any strange activity, while Harry has his own problems and is oblivious. The Triwizard Tournament brings students from the foreign schools of France and Bulgaria, all to have one student place their name in the Goblet of Fire, for a chance to compete for the prize of Eternal Glory and 1000 galleons. There's only one rule; you must be of age to enter. So how does Harry's name get picked out if he's not of age? Who is behind all of this, and will everyone make it out alive?

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Hidden--Artist Hidden--Artist Nov 13, 2016
Is it just me or does the eyes of the girl on the pic look demonic?
AstherBlack AstherBlack May 24, 2016
wow great start for the new book!! I'm so excited for the rest xoxo😘