Enslaved By The King

Enslaved By The King

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Kimi L. Davis By coinikee Completed

Looking in his eyes, I begged. I begged for mercy. But I knew deep down, he would not show me any.
Sabina was having a hard time surviving in the cruel world. But she was trying her best not to give in to the cold shoulders and venomous words of the people of Willsden, a small town in the Kingdom of Quopia. 

However, Sabina comes face to face with her past when one day she is captured by the Kingdom's soldiers and is brought to the King. 

King Aboloft loved only one woman in his entire life; only, she did not become his. But when he ascended the throne, he vowed to find that woman and make her his, forever. 

Fuelled by anger and pain, King Aboloft is going to make Sabina realize exactly how much of a mistake it was when she decided to leave him. He is going to make her pay. 

Sabina knows that she can never be with King Aboloft. But she does not know the depths of Aboloft's feelings. 

Would she be able to withstand Aboloft's revenge? 

Warning: mature content!

  • arrogant
  • dark
  • dominating
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  • marriage
  • pain
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