Surviving The Mafia

Surviving The Mafia

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coinikee By coinikee Updated a day ago

I closed my eyes and waited for the pain. I knew I was going to die. Die at the hands of my captor. 
Kelsey Blake wanted revenge. She wanted to destroy the man who had kidnapped her twin. Not only had her life taken a sudden turn in Italy, she had been separated from her only family. 

However, despite her thinking that she was free from the cruel, Mafia world, that was not the case; as Kelsey had managed to attract the attention of Severon Aresco. 

Severon Aresco is an enigma; nobody knows who he really is. In his world, he is known as Snake, as he strikes and kills without anyone realizing. People think that Severon is the weaker twin, but they couldn't be further from the truth.

When Severon comes across the unusual woman that is Kelsey Blake, he is instantly captured by the crazy, yet daring girl. And just like his brother, Severon would do everything to make Kelsey submit to him. 

Will Severon succeed in bending Kelsey to his will? 

Kelsey knows that Severon is dangerous, and she wants to run as far away from him as possible. But she also knows that escaping Severon is an impossible task in itself. 

Warning: mature content!

manha_786 manha_786 Oct 24
This is too gud. Loved it @coinkee. The humor, her emotions, inner thoughts. Just superb.
manha_786 manha_786 Oct 24
She is pleading n cursing coz she was cause of pleading. Phewww. I like this girl.
bizzzlebieber bizzzlebieber 6 days ago
YESSS I'm so happy I loved Fearing the Mafia I can't wait to read this
MIA no more and it's great to be back with so many MTC & FTM updates plus a new book Surviving The Mafia. Wow, just wow @coinikee hahaha. Will surely enjoy catching up. Thank you hugs!!! I'm back, just in time to prepare to power tweet for you, Gideon/Alice & Severin/Maril!!!  😀😀😀
MizzzHoney MizzzHoney Aug 08
HAAAYYY @coinikee you made my day when I saw this. If I were your parents I'd be proud
haileyfox66 haileyfox66 Aug 29
Kesley really has a death wish but I love her sassy side and this story.