Futa's Wolf Mate.

Futa's Wolf Mate.

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FutaQueenDreamer By FutaQueenDreamer Updated Nov 08, 2016

Bridget's POV:
"I'm gonna love you, like I'm gonna lose you. I'm gonna hold you, like we're saying goodbye." A red light cut off my good mood making me top singing. Stupid traffic system. I bite back a growl tapping my fingers on the steering wheel repeatedly beginning to get impatient.

'Alpha, a rogue is at the border of our territory I think you should come address this one. She's violent.' 

My beta Shawn mindlinks me. I roll my eyes and step on the gas speeding towards the pack house.

'Bring her to my office Shawn.'

I reply to his message. I turn into the dirt road of our blocked off lands. The pack house loomed over the smaller houses and it was three stories high with over thirty bedrooms.

"Alpha Bridget you're back!" I'm tackled in a hug by my younger brother Calvin. He smiles brightly squeezing me tightly around my waist as his face was buried deeply into my stomach.

"Hi mini Alpha what's shaking?" I grin playfully lifting up the five year old. His big green eyes peer at m...

kouffuy kouffuy Jan 03
if there was a guy called math
                              id end up his future via kicking him
Noelanicutie Noelanicutie Dec 17, 2016
I did the math then look again and saw that it says 5 years already. I feel stupid.
Lover_of_the_Broken Lover_of_the_Broken Jun 01, 2016
Damn.... So assertive XO Like take me to dinner first then get frisky with me XD