The Elite Eight (Camren)

The Elite Eight (Camren)

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A.J. By eawesomesauce Updated Aug 17

Repeat after me: 

"It was Lauren. 

It was always Lauren."

After arriving at an organization known as The Elite, Camila Cabello told herself that almost everyday like a prayer; like it was the reason for everything in her life. 

Who was knocking on her door at one in the morning? It was Lauren. Who stole her yogurt cup? It was(probably) Lauren. Who painted that permanent smile on her face? It was Lauren. Who helped her understand the cause of her parent's death?... it was Lauren.

And who could cause that inexplicable feeling in her heart that made it race, but at the same time tame it like ice on a wound?

It was Lauren.

It was always Lauren.

They probably gave her up :/ like adoption towards the centre yikes
normxla normxla Feb 21
that things about turning to 7 is giving me chills... i hope they don't die
Preach Lauren 🙌 like if I run you over by driving, it's your fault your body was in the way of my car
cuzcamren cuzcamren Dec 24, 2016
The description for this fic is amazing I'm so freakin ready
honestcxbello honestcxbello Nov 10, 2016
i rhought that said andrea i was like hell yeah mama hamilton