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His Tutor Girl

His Tutor Girl

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taetíts By ravsisrekt Completed

"Still in denial?" You asked softly.
"About what?"
"Missing her," you piped quietly, heart knotting as you spoke.
He sighed, his face almost buried into the book before him.
"It's okay that you do..."
He eyed you carefully, "What are you? My tutor or my shrink?" 
You licked your lips a bit, the pencil in your hand lamely moving between the hold of your soft fingertips.
"Whatever you need," you whispered out.


Having a genuine friend is something Park Jimin never had. People would pretend to care for him in attempts to get closer to him.

When finding comfort in the only girl that sees him nothing other than the boy she tutors, he results in finding ways to cope with your help when suffering through his heart wrenching and confusing breakup. 

What he doesn't realize is that although you didn't feel for him in the beginning, constant time spent with the quiet and shy boy in your class makes you want to be more than just his friend. While, in his eyes throughout all of it, you're nothing but his tutor girl...




Bangtan_Mochis Bangtan_Mochis 3 days ago
How to write so well like you..;-; I can't even get over a chapter without feeling the need to cry... 
                              My stories(?) only 1 chapter as of now AND MOSTLY INCOMPLETE :"))) 
                              Idk how to deal with life so I decided to write but I realized i really have no talent in everything so...
Ddaarr07 Ddaarr07 2 days ago
What is this? A lesbian threesome?
                              Ok I'm going to get out I APOLOGISE 😂😂😂
hsartstb hsartstb 2 days ago
I want a friend ship like dis
                              oh ShEI I don't have any friends so can't relate;'))
-hentae -hentae Jun 17
author-nim: *says this part*   
                              author-nim: *gets kidnapped by wattpad co.*
                              wattpad: she knows
Ddaarr07 Ddaarr07 2 days ago
I love the yeh 
                              Reminds me of
                              Jimin? Yeh You got no jams 😂😂😂