Then & Now. (A CalFreezy Fanfiction.)

Then & Now. (A CalFreezy Fanfiction.)

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"Like what you see?" I blinked and shook my head to see Cal smirking at me. I blushed and looked out the window.
"Curiosity killed that cat."
"Well then. The young cat shouldn't have ventured out."
"The young cat was curious, you can't blame it." I sassed back, but I couldn't stop the smile that quickly spread across my face.
"That young cat must be an irresponsible one then." I looked over at him to see that he was smiling. It wasn't a huge smile, just a small, genuine smile that made my smile wider.
"You're such an idiot." I elbowed him and he just nodded.
"Yeah I know I am, but you started it." my mouth zipped shut. I had no remarks to sass back at him.

London Callot. A young British woman who finished high school to pursue her gaming career on Twitch. A few morning runs and a few good looking fellows later turned her world around and around... Like a football.

(Cover made by a great friend of mine Cry! :D )

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HemmoAtTheDisco HemmoAtTheDisco May 19, 2017
Im more of a mirage person. Literally, before i competitive, i go death match to warm up and choose mirage all the time.