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Destiel, Sabriel, Wincest, and more oneshots

Destiel, Sabriel, Wincest, and more oneshots

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Ash By Graceless_Angel23 Completed

Some supernatural oneshots of my favorite ships. Destiel, Sabriel, Some wincest, possible wincestiel, maybe a few reader inserts, I don't know it all depends on my mood. Irregular updates. Requests and prompts are welcome. I don't mind grammar corrections just don't be a jerk about it. There might be smut but I will put a warning at the beginning of the chapter if it is, I will also warn about triggers such as self harm and suicidal thoughts or actions. And I would like to thank anyone who takes time out of their day to read this shitty book.

Brb I'm going to do it cause my lame butt always going to sob anyways
K wait so Cas had enough time to sing him a song? Can't Cas heal shït in like .2 seconds?
All the angels had to stop doing what they were doing and listened to the cold scream and send chills down their spine.
                              "DEAN WINCHESTER IS DEAD!"
BansheeinRavenclaw BansheeinRavenclaw Dec 19, 2016
Well,why not break my heart and smash it into 10000008273729 pieces,it's not like i need it
poseidons_muse_2004 poseidons_muse_2004 Sep 21, 2016
You really know how yo make someone sob uncontrollably at 11:00 at night. That your for that
You know I hate that I read these even though I keep reading them cuz gabriel isnt (?) Coming back and the stuff in these stories will never happen