Passengers || An Adrienette Fanfic

Passengers || An Adrienette Fanfic

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chat's hoe By xXBookwormFangirlXx Updated Dec 22, 2016

"I don't think this shy girl I'm seeing right now is who you really are, Princess. We've got 17 hours together and I plan on bringing out who you really are."

For Marinette, being left alone is the greatest thing you could give her. She loves anything that involves peace and quiet, whether it's staying cooped up in her room all day or reading a book on the park bench.  So for her, traveling alone to Paris is probably her worst nightmare considering that she hates crowds and she hates talking to people because it turns her into a shy stuttering mess. But she'll do anything to fulfill her dream of becoming a world-renowned fashion designer.

Even if it includes traveling side by side with a flirty blond boy with striking green eyes who's breaking down her wall faster than she could build it back up.

Notice: I do not own any of the characters unless stated. The cover/edits are strictly mine.

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_lo_lita_ _lo_lita_ Sep 13, 2016
They should've given Adrien a little bro instead- one called PLAGG
Shad0wAlic3 Shad0wAlic3 Dec 17, 2016
why are there two Philippines but like....
For a sec, I thought she was Mari and Adrien's daughter form the future...
OhMyMiraculous OhMyMiraculous Jul 28, 2016
tiki is her sis? *squealing* i am calm, i'm not fangirling while typing this, i am calm
Shad0wAlic3 Shad0wAlic3 Dec 17, 2016
then if you have that little of money WHY DID YOU SAY YOU WERE READY