Mine, It Will Never Change

Mine, It Will Never Change

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Yuu Kaji By gekokujougirl Completed

Akashi x Reader

"I'm absolute, therefore I will win you...your heart, your everything...
After all,you are mine and it will never change."

That is what Akashi promised himself when he met you after you disappeared before him 5 years ago after your breakup with your ex...

But what surprised him was that he saw you one day holding hands with a small boy around 4-5 years old, the child called you mom...

Akashi almost backed away...almost.

But a child is not enough to stop him for claiming you, your heart and your everything.

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ScarletSlayer918 ScarletSlayer918 Apr 03, 2017
My goodnesee this kids a miracle... Minus the fact that he's seijuro's son... But let's forget about thay
Kitsunevitch Kitsunevitch Oct 14, 2017
Hun, you are just in denial 😊 of course something must of happened.
TaesTeacake TaesTeacake Apr 21, 2017
So first this hoe gets married to some other hoe, stalks me then expects not to forget about him and has the nerve to "punish" me? GTFO Bakashi 😒
VLYACA_AsadaYukirin VLYACA_AsadaYukirin Sep 20, 2017
                              ............. disappointing
8Simesam8 8Simesam8 May 28, 2016
...... I am thinking that akashi was caught by the witch or should I said his father....
XxXianaxX XxXianaxX Oct 11, 2016
my OC's name is Sorairo...
                              and when there is a -san or a-chan
                              it is shortened to Sora-san/ Sora-chan...