Arabella Mikaelson

Arabella Mikaelson

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Hi! My Name Is... By Stan_Fan_Eminem Updated Sep 13

ELIJAH SIGHED SADLY as hatred and sorrow mirrored how he felt through his brown orbs. ❝The story of the second youngest original, known as, Arabella Mikaelson is quite...tragic.❞ Elijah began. His eyes pooled with fresh tears. Elena watched him carefully. 

Curiosity began bubbling up in the pit of her stomach. She wanted to know what happened to Arabella that made Elijah so emotional. Especially in front of her.

 ❝She was the best little sister anyone could ask for. And even when she, along with my other siblings and I became the monsters that now roam the Earth to this day, she managed to be kind, positive, and pure. Not once did she take a human's life despite the irresistible hunger for human blood. She managed to control it, but in doing so it made her weakier. And that caused her to pay the price none of us ever imagined, ❞

"What happened to her, Elijah?"

❝That, Elena, is when Arabella Mikaelson's marvelous life came to a horrendous ending,❞

I fell in love with the character. Is she going to come back when Esther does?