She Lays Down [h.s.] Wattys 2017

She Lays Down [h.s.] Wattys 2017

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"She lays down on the bedroom floor
The chemicals that make her love don't seem to be working anymore"-The 1975

Her fingers hover over the keypad, desperate to say something but not knowing at all what to say. There are so many things that she wants to say to him, so many things that she'd already said aloud and that she'd talked herself into saying to make sure he knew how much he'd hurt her, how much he was still hurting her. But it was pointless. He doesn't want to listen and he hardly even cares. She's just wasting her breath like he's wasting her time.

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[Any reference of lyrics to She Lays Down is copyright to THE 1975, I do not own any part of the song nor do I claim creation rights to it.]

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I came here to have a good time and honestly I feel so attacked
I came here to have a good time and honestly I feel so attacked
versacedarlyn versacedarlyn Jul 26, 2017
I love this!! Your writing is so amazing and i feel every emotion from the characters. It's great❤️
kkkyles11 kkkyles11 Jun 26, 2017
funny how everyone always comments on the last picture of each character
kkkyles11 kkkyles11 Jun 26, 2017
i hate it when one person in a relationship thinks this when it's really the other person who did something wrong
haifries haifries Jan 22
I actually love it so far, it’s different ( like your other fics they’re all perfect ) i loved how it’s not like the other ones where shes a teen and meets a boy and stuff that i’ve grown to get bored of so fast. I love it