Shit YOONGI Says

Shit YOONGI Says

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BOOK 1 of Shit Min Yoongi said and did. 

[+] some weird ass author notes + spazz 
  Note: Min Yoongi is not lazy. He just know how to live in this harsh world. 
    301016 - #12 in Random

Started: 230516
Ended: 091116

P/s: just so you know, I love to insert media things in some chapters so it might trouble you if you read this book offline. I'm sorry!

mundanefan mundanefan Oct 26, 2016
what does Infires mean, except for the names of the album, <img src="" alt="Image result for infires"/>
leysh02 leysh02 Aug 24, 2016
I will actually describe min Yoongi with one word......Saw
myg-jjk myg-jjk Nov 06, 2016
                              JK: INFIRES MAN YEAH
                               #InfiresCouple #LambSkewersCouple
sugapill sugapill Jan 07
Lol. And NamJin being the responsible parents they are, "IT'S INSPIRE." and pronouncing INSPIRE as INSPAYER. 😂😂
mundanefan mundanefan Oct 26, 2016
it won't show the pic, but if you click on the link adress it will lead you to the names of the songs Bts has ,and why infires came out, but except from that what does infires mean?