AEDON (BoyxBoy)

AEDON (BoyxBoy)

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After Earth's Apocalyptic Events, two bloodlines, with unimaginable power, emerged from the ruins.  

This is where our "Once Upon A Time" begins. 

All Aedon has known, from the age of 8 years old, is the confinements of his tower.  

His mother has always told him that what was beyond those walls, were creatures that would kill Aedon at first sight. The boy would never be allowed to step foot beyond the tower, unless he wished to die. 

Although Aedon, now 17, has always wondered about the world. He wanted to see what was beyond 
Malevolent Forest.

He craved to see what beauty lay ahead, and refused to think that it was simply evil and wicked. 

Constantly plagued by nightmares, images, voices in his sleep, Aedon always thought them to be simple dreams. 

What will happen when he finds out that they are something more? 

Across the remaining ruins of Earth, in the Transcendent Region, there is a Wolf named Ellis. 

He is part of an underground rebellion group, who call themselves 
The Uprising. 

This rebellion group was created in order to overthrow the two Royal families that each controlled their Region, of what was left of Earth. 

Transcendents had power strong enough to mask the minds of all creatures, make them see what they wanted them to see, and do what they wanted them to do. 

Chantments were equally as strong, but instead of their minds, they used the darkness within their magic to rule in their own, sinister way. 

The Uprising was created by the Wolves and Humans...

But soon came to the realization, they were not the only ones who believed that this violent and vicious Royal reign needed to be put to an end. 

And they knew exactly how to end it.

It became known, that there once was a prince who sympathized with the humans and Wolves. 

A prince who was part Transcendent, part Chantment, and could very much be their lead into freedom. 

Ellis, a cold soul, was chosen to find him.
But he hadn't anticipated on also, 

Falling in love with him.

I'm excited. This sounds awesome. I love how you actually explained everything, instead of making us guess what's going on and read between the lines!!!
StanimiraAtanasova StanimiraAtanasova Jun 01, 2016
Yea,this part is very good,because a have seen only a few writers to do that. Its very entertaining,realy! ✌👌
life_love_live life_love_live 4 days ago
I'm so excited to read this story I love how you started it off
im-magnetised im-magnetised Nov 24, 2016
Really liking the story so far but lol the moon isn't a planet.
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                              Thankyou candy, that is truly kind of you >\\\\\< @candycandyfox