NOTICE ME | Min Yoongi

NOTICE ME | Min Yoongi

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❝Min Yoongi, I'm going to sue you, for hurting me like this!❞

Based on the FANCAM of a fangirl who always tells Min Yoongi that she'll sue him.
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Date Started: 052216
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😂 I would love for Jackson to be my brother!  Then I could meet Got7 and BTS since they are friends
infiresnakeusquad infiresnakeusquad May 23, 2016
Omg thank you sm!! I'll work hard on my exams! Aaaahh I'm so touched :')
Bribum_ Bribum_ 6 days ago
Jackson is a fangirl..... Did you see that episode of roommate when the kickboxer lady came to the house and he was just running away....
I'm sorry but this makes me think of the phrase "did you just assume my gender"
Same, I just need some money and age. Then they can stop waiting.
AlexLin0 AlexLin0 Oct 19, 2016
Then Suga says:" u always say u will sue me. U said it last time n now u say it again."