Black and White is all I know

Black and White is all I know

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Giavanna By Life-is-a-Fairy-Tail Updated Apr 09, 2017


Natsu Dragneel, a 16 year old boy, is a student at Fairy Tail Art Academy. He has a talent for painting, but he has a condition that renders him colorblind. He is different, and students bully him for it, not being able to understand why he only paints in black and white. One day, Natsu gets to his breaking point. He stands at the edge of the school roof, looking at the ground below. As he is about to step off and end his sorrow, fate brings light upon him and a girl comes to his rescue. Who is this girl? What does fate intend to do with Natsu in this black and white world?

Authors Note: 

This new description was made by my bestfriend Emily!! ❤️

   Also I do not think suicide is a joke or anything like that and I recommend you talk to someone if you have those thoughts or you could message me. 

  This is my first fan fiction, so please be nice!! Thank you!! ❤️ 

   I do not own the characters or pictures, just the plot!

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_ArtisticReader17_ _ArtisticReader17_ Jun 29, 2017
I just love what you did to the book photo and your book too♥♥♥
Alex_Daly Alex_Daly Jun 12, 2017
Black and white colourblind is very rare. I have red green colourblind
pix0507 pix0507 Jul 22, 2017
I thought it said 
                              'His dad died while giving birth and his mom isn't around much' 
                              I am so fricking blind anyway!
                              No offence to people who are tho 
                              PLEASE DONT KILL MEH! 😵😣😖
Oh wait— is colorblind rare? I don’t know. I wonder what condition he has then
I can green and blue are my favorite colors...because those are the only ones i can see besides black and white 😞
Son. I will kill ANYONE WHO BULLIES YOU. I WILL. CAUSE YOU ARE MY SON— . Lol jk. Igneel is already making my death bed