Slice of Inspiration

Slice of Inspiration

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Welcome young Travellers.
To a book of much inspiration. This book is the Third Book for getting your Creative Juices flowing. Check out 'Writers Juice' and 'Tea Time' if you are looking for more inspiration.

Among my travels for information for my other books. I have found many ideas, which would be great details to books, or even better, inspirations to books themselves. The book will be filled with prompts, both ideas and dialogue. Along with many other whimsical ideas you may want to add to your story.

For Example did you know Petrichor is actually the word for the smell after rainfall, who knew? You hope to add that into a story now, don't you!

Each of my chapters of Inspiration are named after a particular cake. Because what food could possibly be a better writers best friend than cake?

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MajorGodOfRarePairs MajorGodOfRarePairs May 17, 2017
"Listen, if you want to remain inconspicuous, you'd better figure out a way to start acting like one."
- - May 24, 2017
Ok I came here for food. It's cute, think about cake makes me wanna bake some🤔 Noooo. I must not.
Arailia Arailia Aug 13, 2016
*Puts on biker helmet then gets a bunch of chocolate* K I'm ready!
Sleepy_Shroom Sleepy_Shroom Sep 11, 2016
Scrap this is fabulous Imma add this to my library but I've got a story to write bye!
JupitersFox JupitersFox Nov 23, 2016
First thought: The Doctor isn't human but... He doesn't really act like one. He's better.