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Be Mine Again (SasuSaku) ||Fanfiction||

Be Mine Again (SasuSaku) ||Fanfiction||

13.8K Reads 396 Votes 27 Part Story
Imarealninja By KaylaSenpaii Updated Dec 27, 2016

Sakura is depressed after Sasuke betrays the village. She leaves Konoha and joins the Akatsuki to become stronger. After 10 years of being a missing-ninja, she gets into contact with her old teammates. Will Sakura's feelings for Sasuke come back? Will Sasuke finally accept her love?

WARNING: This first 3 chapters are really short and bad because my writing skill sucked. Also, this is my first fanfic so no hate please. :)

hanniena hanniena Jul 06, 2016
Good job!  I think the plot would be great, just slow it down a little and add a more detail.  Other than that I think you story is going to be a hit!
Shadow4211 Shadow4211 Nov 05, 2016
I think it's awesome!  But I agree with hanniena you need to slow down with the plot a bit, like don't rush the story too much but other than that you are doing great :)
Starly_Summer Starly_Summer May 25, 2016
I recommend maybe getting a dry erase board do you can write ideas when you have them maybe?
shiptreesh shiptreesh May 24, 2016
Since I haven't watched naruto I only know how to pronounce like 3 names😂