// septiplier one-shots //

// septiplier one-shots //

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A septiplier one-shot book

Anything ranging from fluff to angst.

Please feel free to request at any time! Please request on the most recent chapter to make it easy for me to see!
Thank you and I hope you enjoy. 

This book is run by the co-author.
Cover made by @PhantomWrestler

paint_pentagrams paint_pentagrams Nov 26, 2016
"ye" i know it's bc he's irish but the "ye" JUST MAD EME DIE
AFunkMunk AFunkMunk Nov 14, 2016
@oddpotatoate you fine if I make a story like this in my one-shot book? It's on my other account @Femalememe
That's so clever I love it ;)
                              I love the idea of hair colors changing due to your moods<3
Robin_And_Snow Robin_And_Snow Dec 22, 2016
                              Mine is really stupid... And Robin is just my nickname..
I would love for this to happen to me changing hair colors based on moods would be cool!
Ohmygoodness thank you so much for filling me with fluff before I went to bed. I LUAV IT