The Art of Synchronization

The Art of Synchronization

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Sage Whitehead has danced for as long as she could remember--it's always been a passion for her. And when she was given a scholarship to dance at Howard University, she jumps at the chance right away. Besides, it's always been her dream. However, Sage has never experienced the desperate competition that arrives when the title of captain is at stake, nor has she experienced the desperate feeling of what some may call love, only for it to be forbidden.

Join Sage on her journey through trials and tribulations as a Bisonette.

[Book One of the Bisonette Series]

The life I'm living now practice only got canceled bc it flooded
Did this before , but I haven't danced in forever.. Parades & performances !
Already catching feels, and I'm only a minute into the book. Fml.
hi!! your image, the screenshot of the message says 9 something pm. the meeting is in 3 hours, it doesn't add up
Dancing dolls & Stingettes. 😬💀 Still love HU though lol 😭💓.
Ugh I could be that OCD roommate that never goes to parties just eats reads sleeps and do homework