The Heiress And The Billionaire

The Heiress And The Billionaire

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Sarah Uzumaki By SarahUzuma Updated 14 hours ago

She is the heiress of The Lancaster family. One of the richest and strongest family in the United States. She was brought up to be on the top. Unfortunately, her parents died when she was only fourteen so her father's bestfriend took care of her until she can takeover the family business. 

Eveline hated the idea of falling in love. Because she believed that love fucks your world up. 

He is another cold-hearted billionaire . Ruthless and arrogant businessman with dark secrets . The definition of man whore his affairs doesn't last for a week .Women are captivated by his charm and described him as a living Greek-god .
Adam thought that everything falls will break. Falling in love would just break you . No more No less. 

They met by Chance and got tied down by Circumstances but will they stay by Choice.

Read to find out how their love story survived through all the trials , pain and heartache. 

First edition : 24-11-2016

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And here I am, just wanting to have a personal jet to escape the horrors of being in the economy class
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