Stutter || Larry Stylinson

Stutter || Larry Stylinson

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Honestly, don't read this. It's not my best writing, I just get crap when I take it down. 

Louis Tomlinson has always had a stutter. And because of this speech impediment, everyone despises him. He just can't seem to get on anyone's good side. He has lost friend's because of the problem. But Louis just can't understand it. It's not like he can really help his stuttering problem. Childhood speech help sessions haven't helped enough to change his stuttering significantly. Louis feels like a lost cause.

But, then, Louis meets the OuTkAsTs, a fun group of kids with similar problems. He feels like now he has a place he can not only eat, but befriend people.          

First, there's Zayn Malik, who has bipolar disorder. Then Liam Payne, who has obsessive compulsive disorder. Niall Horan has hemophilia and can't participate in certain school activities, due to his mother's worries. And then, there's Harry Styles, who has palilalia and can't go about a sentence without repeating something.

And, for once, Louis feels like he belongs.       


{Teen Fiction and Fanfiction #17}

thatonexx thatonexx May 06
I have a stutter and it really gets on my nerves, I'm taking speech therapy for it but its not really helping
I have social anxiety & a stutter. Especially when I'm nervous or talking to people, it's the worst. I hate it.
Sounds cool. Never read a book like this before, should be interesting!
LeviTikus LeviTikus Sep 08
I have OCD. I have to make sure everything is in a file. If I'm doing one thing an something else pops in my mind, I have to do that thing before carrying on or I will be distracted by it forever.
I have trichotillomania. I don't have it as bad as maybe other people but still it annoys me.
My cousin used to have palilalia, it actually really affected him and he used to never talk to anyone accept me and eventually it got easier for him and now he only repeats himself when he's really really nervous