You Don't Own Me (Larry/Larcel)

You Don't Own Me (Larry/Larcel)

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KinnetikTomlinson By Kinnetik_Lester Updated Aug 09, 2017

Sex.Football.Alcohol.Sex.Marcel. The things that are always in the football captain's head. Louis Tomlinson, that is.

Marcel Styles get's bullied by Louis Tomlinson, the 19 year old that everyone seems to want to be with. Marcel, being only 17 is battling with being bullied by Louis everyday, but little does he know that Louis is battling with something himself. Lust. 
Louis keeps having dreams of Marcel, from kissing to full on having sex with the nerd, imagining Marcel writhing under himself in pleasure, still claiming that he hates Marcel with every fiber in his body. Louis wonders why he has these dreams about Marcel, let alone a boy in general. 
See what happens when Louis starts to not be able to control his lusting feelings towards Marcel, and can't keep his hands off of him.

This story WILL contain smut, so please read the warnings before every chapter.

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Lovinglife290 Lovinglife290 Jun 06, 2017
Suspenders. That's stereotypical. But to me it's all just adorable.
lottie_h2468 lottie_h2468 Oct 11, 2017
At least it’s not only me that finds this so cute?😂🤷🏼‍♀️
KristaLovesJian KristaLovesJian Jun 09, 2016
Awesome, I'm excited for this. :) I love these types of stories. :) Already good. :)
Kinnetik_Lester Kinnetik_Lester Sep 16, 2013
Holy crap! Haha I didn't know people liked this so much. Of course I will update! Just gotta get some ideas:)
zaynsgirl273 zaynsgirl273 Sep 14, 2013
omg please update this seems like a really good book :) xx <3
Kayl_Bear Kayl_Bear Sep 12, 2013
Please update already I wanna get addicted to this story let the story start please!!