Learning the Alphabet

Learning the Alphabet

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heartfiliac By heartfiliac Updated Oct 17

A series of Lucy-centred lemon chapters based around Lucy with various guys of Fairy Tail. Each chapter is influenced by a letter of the alphabet. 

Chapter 1 - Natsu x Lucy - A for Anal
Chapter 2 - Gray x Lucy - B for Bondage 
Chapter 3 - Loke x Lucy - C for Creampie 
Chapter 4 - Rogue x Lucy - D for Dirty Talk
Chapter 5 - Ezra x Lucy - E for Erotica
Chapter 6 - Natsu x Lucy - F for Friends 
Chapter 7 - Juvia x Lucy (+Gray) - G for Girl on Girl
Chapter 8 - Sting x Lucy - H for Hate
Chapter 9 - Levy x Lucy - I for Innocence

Up Next:

Chapter 10 - Gajeel x Lucy - J for Jealousy


"I don't mind writing her with anyone because she's my shipping whore."
                              I'm so dead! :")
D**n. Okay. ( •́ ㅅ•̀) I wanted GruVia,though.. ( •̯́ ₃ •̯̀)
im gonna request c? choking kink!!!!!! lisanna x lucy if you may? i can give details in pm ; -)
asakayu asakayu Jul 27
I don't know if this book is still going on but I have some ideas. Could I PM you?
Hey, do have a letter for D yet?? I mean, your only on A, but ont B and C and BOOM your on D soo
athenated athenated May 24
How about Erza x Lucy (@irlgray will help you hahahaha. I've been tagging my mate like infinity) it would be focusing on Erza helping her write a genre she never had wandered in before: erotica c: