My Fighting Mate (On Hold)

My Fighting Mate (On Hold)

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Jasper Green By typingwolf Updated May 26, 2017

Death was her name after she  turned 10 and beat the lead warriors in her pack. Her real name was forgotten and was only known as the fighter that could take down anyone.

        Alpha Liam was the alpha of the most powerful pack. At age 21 he was getting old and needed to find his mate. He was a player and was unsatisfied with his pack. He needed to find his Luna and soon.

Every 10 years the most powerful pack holds a tournament where the best fighter in their pack is sent into a ring and fights another to the death. The champion fights the packs alpha. If beaten they become alpha but that hasn't happened in 260 years, but what if that changes? What if the one to break that tradition is girl? What if she is only 18? What if she is the first female ever ?

  • abyss
  • alpha
  • bloodbath
  • control
  • fiesty
  • fighting
  • hidden
  • identity
  • lucifer
  • mate
  • moongoddess
  • paranormal
  • ssupernatural
  • throne
  • tournament
  • warrior
  • waterfall
  • werewolf
  • winner
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