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BrownEyes2399 By BrownEyes2399 Updated Dec 07, 2016

Shannon is a confused senior in high school, her Best Friend ally takes her to a gay bar to kinda I guess try to help her out while there she bumps into a blond and let's just says loads of things happens  .....

LindaK6 LindaK6 May 30, 2016
I love this dude i love you ! your storys made my breaks every day and I like the torey stevie thing this could get funny^^
notused34 notused34 May 29, 2016
It was kinda confusing... yet again I was reading it as I walked through the streets of NYC😂😂
TheElliot TheElliot Jun 17, 2016
I started craving chocolate cearel at 7:30 at night thank you
winchester1329 winchester1329 Jun 17, 2016
Oh my god I absolutely love this every one of my favourite couples are in this the story's awesome
merderfe merderfe May 29, 2016
This is really good maybe some where in a chapter you could put some about Shannon's abs or jawline or both would be awesome