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i love oli !! By ADRENALlNE Completed

❝I can't risk falling in love.❞

[Punk!Phil and Pastel!Dan]

Dan runs a macaroon shop and desperately tries to deny his infatuation with the cute owner of a tattoo shop down the street.

//this was my first fanfic and is extremely cringy, proceed with caution//

candyflosshowell candyflosshowell Oct 25, 2016
If this is the kitten fic (ive never read it) im kermitting sewer slide
Did anyone find a hidden in the title of the chapters?  P. S. I did :)
_philtrashnumber1 _philtrashnumber1 Nov 11, 2016
I just realized that I ruined the 420 views on this chapter dammit
I read that as 'Shrek, he was cute'. memes have ruined my vocabulary