Cigarette Smoke 《On Pause》

Cigarette Smoke 《On Pause》

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Garbage Queen By megalavonaXreading Updated 4 days ago

About a month ago and young child named Frisk had freed the monsters free free from Mount. Ebott. Only a month and a half later the humans had declared war with the monsters again. After two years of war, and with many losses on both sides, the two races came to a sort of agreement. The humans still hated the monsters, they allowed them to settle around Mount. Ebott, the monsters had ten miles of land around the mountain to make their camps of sorts. Any monsters that were outside of their land would be captured and killed

(Y/N) I'd one of the few humans who disagree with the racism on the monsters. Frisk had been sent away and forced to live with the monsters, if they were found outside of the monsters territory they would also be killed.

What a wonderful world we live in. 

How will love tie in with this story?

AbbyPina AbbyPina Dec 17, 2016
Here is what I say SANS RUN breaks wood alowing him to teleport away 
                              Get her 
                              Hel- *cough gag* *dies*
Scarlettwolf34 Scarlettwolf34 Nov 12, 2016
I love this song "don't threaten me with a good time" by Panic!AtTheDisco
Okay okay...I could be totally wrong...but is it link form good mythical morning?
maricethehighbred maricethehighbred Nov 04, 2016
We're chara where to buy where to buy where to buy where to buy where to get vans cast
japenis japenis May 24, 2016
I mean, papyrus could entertain you with his puzzles and spaghetti Instead
ChilleTales ChilleTales Jul 05, 2016
He's to HOT so they need to burn him for his WARM crimes?! XD