Who's Your Dream Demon Now? Bill x Reader

Who's Your Dream Demon Now? Bill x Reader

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Human! Bill x Demon! Reader

Y/n L/n gets sent on a trip through the Pacific Northwest where you might see a bumper sticker to a small town called Gravity Falls for the summer.

Your supposed to be staying as a guest of the Pines Twins in the mysterious wonders of the Mystery Shack. Being socially awkward, shy, have a spine of a wet noodle, and talk to the voices inside your head. You only had a few friends. Including the two inside your head.

Before arriving you become intrigued by a certain thirteen year-old dream demon that goes by the name of Bill Cipher. As the supposedly "demon" kid drags you through the forest trying to help you find the Shack, but to stumble upon a mystical find that changed your life forever...

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SpawnofDeath SpawnofDeath Jul 03, 2017
I also once had to see a psychologist because of my "problems". I'm not shy though, just a thinking introvert which means I'm mostly living in my own world and prefer to be alone over being wit others. Also I probably have ADD and maybe even a slight case of autism.
Yes, why DID you take that away from me. I thought u loved meh.
TheoCrypt TheoCrypt Feb 11
Why the f u c k does every story HAVE to include anime? 
                              Don't fight me, but I cringe everytime I hear or see that word
Id be that one kid who's like: I DONT NEED YOU H03S! *flips them off and runs to go draw* CYA H03S!
You guys r lucky, in the Philippines, we have no woods, I always wanted to go camping in the woods for summer but all I do is stay at home
Lovelessdepression Lovelessdepression Dec 10, 2017
I would attached myself tona wall before they could pull me away