Mon Amour

Mon Amour

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Mimi By sailortwilightt Updated Mar 30

One-shot au's dedicated to our favorite love square. 

Safe for work.

Might explore outside of the love square and if I do, please don't cry and whine. 

Cover done by the bae : @SummerSnowQueen

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hama431 hama431 Jun 30, 2017
Hurry alya before marinette escapes and return to her kitchen
                              Adrien just make out with her already
MistressHydriss MistressHydriss Jul 27, 2016
Oh good lord,
                              I was dreading this
                              This is canon now
                              WHY CANT ANY OTHER SHIP BE CANON I BEG
sillykitty_197 sillykitty_197 Jun 03, 2016
Omg it's so beautiful @nicoleeex_x you have to read this holy crap it's amazing😍😍😍
L_Ryuzaki24 L_Ryuzaki24 Jun 03, 2016
im not the omfg type but this was really beautiful and i really enjoyed with all my heart...or what is left of it.
imawkwardandthatsok imawkwardandthatsok Nov 13, 2016
WTF IS THIS??? why is this a thing.... how fjfnfb ffhdjjddmfifkdjrgeaheyeueuejeueueueueu
                              Dear whoever created this ship,
                              *GO FRIGGIN KILL YOURSELF*
                                                                    ~Priya ♡
SummerSnowQueen SummerSnowQueen Jun 03, 2016
i could hear the song playing out i was about to go to bed and now u gave me emotions to keep me up reading more mimi why stay away from the site wait dont i need you come back here and make more ;-;