Just My Type

Just My Type

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Brittany By BrittanyLeigh8 Completed

"Never Fall for a Bad Boy." That's what Olivia has always been told. So why did she go and do it anyway? And why did he have to be the best friend of her Best Friend's very own bad boy? This is something she never expected. 

When Olivia and Thomas first meet in home economics, she was a little more than surprised. She quickly learns that no matter what she does he's never gonna leave her alone. Why? Well, she doesn't even know the answer to that. 

When her best friend Farrah starts dating this bad boy's friend she knows that the countless run in's and unwanted conversations are inevitable and tries to find a way to not kill her self. Figuratively speaking of course. This is nothing compared to what she would go through. 
This bad boy has taken a genuine interest in her and it has nothing to do with her clumsiness in the kitchen. There is something about her that just draws him in. And as much as Olivia tries to fight the connection, she can never seem to erase him from her mind. Not that Thomas would even think about letting her anyway. 

Can Thomas convince her that maybe Bad Boy's are her type after all? 

****Spin-off of The Bad Boy is Possessive. It is NOT necessary to read TBBIP to understand this book.****

TheOwlandTrident TheOwlandTrident Dec 19, 2016
Ok, you can handle boy boys. What about girl boys and bad boys??
adending_ adending_ Dec 03, 2016
All of you wishing for older siblings lmao they're demons is disguise
My mom says/thinks I have that because when I'm doing work (hardly) I can never focus on it. She says she thinks it's ADHD I think. I almost cried when she told me that
DivineTruth DivineTruth Oct 21, 2016
What u just were talking about skipping school now you care about ur perfect attendance?
TheOwlandTrident TheOwlandTrident Dec 19, 2016
I think this 'visitor' is more like a serial killer. She just barges in and goes 'stabbity stab stab' with a really blunt knife and leaves really bloody evidence but somehow never gets caught.
Duuudeee. Spaghetti is freakin delish. Who would stop eating them. 😍