I'm Here (Shawmila)

I'm Here (Shawmila)

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Harmony_Lyfe By Harmony_Lyfe Updated 5 days ago

Camila: The Nobody, the loser, has a huge crush on the jock Shawn Mendes, bullied constantly by his girlfriend.

Shawn: The jock, has the pretty girlfriend, friendly to everyone, never notices Camila Cabello

*I suck at summaries but I try*

oTaKU_needs_BlEacH oTaKU_needs_BlEacH Jul 18, 2016
Im a huge Shawmila shipper and I LOVE THIS SOOO MUCHHHHH!!!!! I plan on making one too any tips? Im a beginner.
latinfury latinfury Dec 31, 2016
that's because the girl you bumped into is the most beautiful soul you'll ever meet and you two should be together. *takes deep breath* sorry im a hardcore Shawmila shipper
_LittleFangirlMe_ _LittleFangirlMe_ Jul 19, 2016
Angles and Traingles is what im learning now in Geomtry..... CAMILA, SHAWN ARE YOU UNDER COVER?!
CaptainFanfic CaptainFanfic Oct 05, 2016
I LOVE SPANNIISSHHH!! We've been learning it at school for like a few lessons now but I'm practising at home too cause I love it more than French.. sorry French lovers but it's true
sansoona_358 sansoona_358 6 days ago
I'm so in love with her eyes, she's the reason I like brown eyes now