I'm Here (Shawmila)

I'm Here (Shawmila)

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Harmony_Lyfe By Harmony_Lyfe Updated Jul 25

Camila: The Nobody, the loser, has a huge crush on the jock Shawn Mendes, bullied constantly by his girlfriend.

Shawn: The jock, has the pretty girlfriend, friendly to everyone, never notices Camila Cabello

*I suck at summaries but I try*

mira mija, todos sabemos q camren es real y tu me vienes con estas huevadas de shawmila??!!! me estas jodiendo?
I'm not trying to be degrading I'm just a rat I'll shut up now
gizhoedolan gizhoedolan Jun 02
Umm I thought it was Shamila😂 I'm so dumb. Like I've been seeing shawmila but idk I like shamila🤦🏻‍♀️
No judging but for future reference don't give everything away so fast. Slow release and let the reader figure things out :)
gizhoedolan gizhoedolan Jun 02
Lol this reminded me of when I had my elbow propped on my desk and I put my chin on my hand and my elbow slipped from the desk and I hit my head hard on the table and everyone started laughing. Obviously since I can't take nothing seriously this girl laughed
Well, I'm very disappointed in Sinu and Alejandro for hurting the best girl in the world. Okay bye