Expect the Unexpected (Clexa)

Expect the Unexpected (Clexa)

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Ste Yuj By Ephemeral-Epiphany Updated Dec 12, 2017

Clarke Griffin lives an ordinary life, with ordinary parents. She never questions her parents, and she's always hopefully optimistic. She's never afraid to get messy and take risks, but there never really is any risk. Nothing out of the ordinary has ever happened in Plymouth, and Clarke sometimes likes to think that something magical will happen. But it won't. Right? 

My story will be exploring Clarke's journey at Hogwarts with her friends and with Lexa.I've changed the story from what it originally was by adding the soulmate perspective to it. In the story, you and your soulmate can communicate with each other by writing on your hands or arms, but it has to be you writing it, or your soulmate won't receive it. They disappear after about an hour or so, and if you are close to your soulmate your hands start to warm up. It only exists if you are a witch or wizard, so it doesn't happen to muggles, unless their soulmate is part of the wizarding world. It's also where you can feel your soulmate's physical and emotional pain, but only to a degree. Like if you broke a bone, your soulmate would feel like someone punched them really hard. The story was originally written inside my one-shots book but I decided to make it a story. This is a Clexa story, so if you don't like, don't read. If you like my story, please feel free to comment or vote, and I always appreciate any constructive criticism. If you see any grammatical errors, don't be afraid to let me know. 

The cover and any pictures featured in the book do not belong to me in any way, shape or form. If you would like to know the artist of anything specific, please ask and I will let you know. The artist of the cover is FaPanini on Twitter. I made changes to their artwork, such as the tie and sleeve colors so that it would fit better with my book. I also added the title at the top. The artwork does not belong to me even if I made changes, it belongs completely to FaPanini.

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SloaneAllen SloaneAllen May 01, 2017
Yaaaaaassss!! I love Clexa and I love Harry Potter! This is brilliant!!! Thank you!
Fish_The_Dog Fish_The_Dog Oct 01, 2017
Second time reading! Let's do this! 
                              Here, have a Pawagraph 4 writing such an amazing book! 
AmFish AmFish Sep 23, 2017
Me and Clarke are very alike, "When she wants something she sure as hell is gonna try to get it."
MaialenWhite MaialenWhite Mar 19, 2017
Is that related with the which of The Conjuring?
                              I hope not 😂😂
SwiftCimHarmonyMix SwiftCimHarmonyMix Aug 02, 2016
Imagining smol eleven year old Clarke griffin. She is so cute 😂
asmithFTWD asmithFTWD Jul 17, 2016
I've read one chapter and I'm already really into this story. I'm such a nerd for HP and The 100 lol