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It's been a while since the Giant War. Annabeth sealed the doors with her life, and promised Percy that she would wait for him in Elysium. Percy went into a rage, he destroyed nearly everything in his wake, and wielded the Master Bolt. The war was won, and Percy Jackson was again, offered a wish, he was too distraught to think straight, so his wish was put on hold. Sally and Paul tried to offer consolation, but he turned than away, and left them for good. He went missing after that, neither Poseidon, Hades, or Apollo knew where he was.

Percy had given himself to the Central Intelligence Agency to maybe do something good for a change. He was too good at his work, and quickly flew up the ranks. Percy Jackson was dead inside, without Annabeth, he was only a shell of his past self. He could hear her voice sometimes, laughing, yelling, crying. He soon became one to follow orders. As the years went by, he gradually eased back into the world, and slowly returned to a somewhat normal state. Then he confirmed his existence to Thalia and Nico, who quickly told the Gods, but only that he was alive and well. 

Perseus Achilles Jackson, Level Twelve Classified spy, and assassin, is now wanted by SHIELD to be a part of Avengers Initiative. 

*Warning. Contains dark scenes. Read at your own discretion.

Completed: 2014
Editing: No longer in progress. Any requests to edit and/or change the story will not be taken.
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XxWhiteNekoxX XxWhiteNekoxX Sep 20, 2017
Oh my Gods, I was wondering why there were so many comments.
                              Honestly thought it would be like "Did you just ASSUME his gender?!", and schist like that.
piggy_3000 piggy_3000 Feb 13
I have never left my home country but hope to visit those places some day 😋
TotallyUniqueUsernam TotallyUniqueUsernam Dec 13, 2017
Anyone been to Rome and Italy? 
                              The Gelatos there are the best!!! I like tiramisu!
                              I've been all over Venice and Rome Italy and stuff.   Never underestimate the amazing small pizzas in Venice!!!!
Thank you! I know that his eyes are sea green but no way in hades are they gonna put it in a file that he has “sea green eyes”. I have chocolate brown eyes but that is just “brown” on my file
Softband Softband Apr 03, 2017
Goodness! She can't just hack into the government's p-
                              Oh. They are SHIELD? Neva mind!
Psychick_Bookworm Psychick_Bookworm Sep 21, 2016
Who took it off? Who did this to us????? (mostly y'all, but I was there in the beginning, and at some points in the present. Kinda.)