Seducing The Seducer|| Dramione

Seducing The Seducer|| Dramione

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Dramione_4_lyf By Dramione_4_lyf Updated Dec 24, 2016

When good girl Hermione Granger decides that her aim for the 7th and final year at Hogwarts is to seduce everyone's favourite badass, Draco Malfoy, there is bound to be trouble!

A year after the war, Hogwarts is refurbished and all students that made it out of the war are invited back to finish their schooling. But this time, there is a twist to the magical school of witchcraft and wizardry.  One that the new headmistress, Minerva Mcgonogall has added.

On her visit to Diagon Alley, Hermione just happens to bump into former death eater, Draco Malfoy. But this time he isn't playing with death, oh no, the new and reformed version of Draco Malfoy plays with girls instead. He is the biggest player in the whole game in fact.

When he makes a cocky remark about Hermione's modesty, the gryffindor princess is fed up and decides to teach him a lesson...

¤MISSION: Seducing the seducer¤

[Contains sexual references and scenes. This book is very smutty/smut-tastic/smut-tacular! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED ;)]


Indian_Slytherin Indian_Slytherin May 23, 2016
I already love your idea. I hope that Hermione's and Draco's feelings get mixed up in their game. 😍😘😘
Trinemae Trinemae Jun 12, 2016
flipping awesome i wanna read more please update every single mili-second of the day
lulluluv1 lulluluv1 Feb 13
ummm i dont kiss my siblings like that buuuuut whatever you say
Umbra_Ignis98 Umbra_Ignis98 May 23, 2016
This sounds like it is going to be AMAZING! I cannot wait!!! I really really really hope that an update comes soon :)
And a certain ginger that is quite infatuated with a certain scarred boy
MsHarte_Slythindork MsHarte_Slythindork Jul 06, 2016
That was like one of the Promo's for something like... The hunger Games, intense, but u wanna know more