Adopted by Eleanor and Louis

Adopted by Eleanor and Louis

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Hey guys, Before you start reading I wrote this book in 2013 time so its been some time. I know some of this isn't good but, I am going back to fix some things but nothing major. I hope you enjoy this somewhat good book. lol 


Mackenzie P.O.V

"Daddy, when are we going to be home?" I asked. "We'll be home in a couple of hours." Mom said from the passenger's side. "Why don't you take a nap sweetie?" My dad said. "Ok, Love you mom, love you daddy."

"Love you too." My parents said in unison. Right before I closed my eyes I saw a really bright light coming toward us really fast. Before I knew it a car crashed into us. "Daddy." I screamed. "Everything will be ok."My dad said. "We love you." My parents said.

I woke up crying from my dream. I looked around to see that it was all true, everything about the car cash to my parents death. I climbed out of the hard bed I slept in and walked over to the window to see the sun coming out. Another day of not being adopted I tho...

emilybullen11 emilybullen11 Mar 23, 2016
I really don't know where they are going to find boys in a all girl orphanage
kayla10203 kayla10203 Nov 16, 2016
Everyone posts the same comment but I say, 
                              "Well they could have gone to a different orphanage.", Lol🙃
FangirlsTalk5sos FangirlsTalk5sos Apr 07, 2016
Good thing they wanted a girl cos if not it might be tricky finding a boy in an all girl orphanage
demtra demtra Aug 28, 2015
TwirlingInTheRain TwirlingInTheRain Jan 23, 2015
HEY! I LIVE IN TEXAS!!! Unless you your a creeper,  then I live in Australia. Mate. Hehe, BYSIES!
luvofmusic49 luvofmusic49 Nov 20, 2013
O my God I love dance  moms like I'm obsessed I love themmmmm omg I'm having a panic attack