In Those 10 Years...

In Those 10 Years...

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xImErinIRLx By xImErinIRLx Updated Feb 01, 2017

●05/23/16 - 02/01/17●
This book has been discontinued.

♥An Auslly Story♥

Ever wondered what happened in the 10 years they skipped in the finale?

What kind of hardships Austin and Ally have encountered?

What happened with Trish and Dez's booming careers?

How the world reacted to Austin and Ally getting back together?

Well here I am, telling you my version of what happened. I'm gonna make you do a double take! BAM!

*warning - very unstable and shaky plot, also unrealistic*

(If there's a story similar to this, it is all coincidental! :) Plagiarism is a crime, so all things you recognize, most importantly Austin and Ally, I DO NOT OWN IT, you all know that.)

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r5er_4life_ r5er_4life_ Aug 16, 2017
The fact that with Maia he respects her personal space but with Laura there is no such thing as 'personal space'
r5er_4life_ r5er_4life_ Aug 16, 2017
That's what Katie price said 😤😂
                              Sorry I'm English and watch that all the time ppl probs don't know what the hell it is
r5er_4life_ r5er_4life_ Aug 16, 2017
He said Cassidy was perfect 
                              He said Kira was flawless 
                              He said he can't live without ally
R5lover_rauralover R5lover_rauralover May 27, 2016
Yayyyy😀finally a new story from you. I'm sooo happy right now😄
ihaveabellyache ihaveabellyache Aug 13, 2016
                              What's the deal
                              It's a song
                              But then it will be more than a song......... 
                              It will be. A date
                              Then a kissss
                              Then they get married 
                              Then have Tustin and Aara babies( don't ship it )
                              And tara dies 
                              And Austin tries to rebound back to ally 
                              THE END
Raura_1995 Raura_1995 Aug 14, 2016